postdoc at Universitat de Valencia, in the Image and Signal Processing Group

research interests

  • probabilistic graphical models
  • graphical models for dynamical systems
  • staged event trees and chain event graphs


stagedtree v2.2.0

A new minor version of the stagedtrees package is available on CRAN.

stagedtrees v2.0.0

A major update of stagedtrees (v2.0.0) is available on CRAN.

stagedtrees preprint and new version

Preprint describing stagedtrees is available on arxiv.

tidybench and preprint out

Causal structure learning from time series: Large regression coefficients may predict causal links better in practice than small p-values arxiv.

Incontro di Statistica Matematica

Presenting work on Graphical continuous Lyapunov models and nice talk and tutorial on our R package stagedtrees by Federico Carli.

stagedtrees v1.0.1

The new version of the R-package stagedtrees is available on CRAN.

CoCaLa Team won Causality 4 Climate NeurIPS competition

With an average AUC-ROC score of 0.917 our CoCaLa Team won the Causality 4 Climate NeurIPS competition. You can find our code here. And watch the recording of the NeurIPS session.